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Welcome... So Glad You're Here
Love. Faith. Laughter.
That's me in a nutshell. My best days involve a heart full of love, fighting for what I believe in, and finding humor. And you will find all of those things in what I write... often with the twist of paranormal and fantasy. What can I say? I like to consider that life has mysteries we'll never fully understand. 
I hope you'll check out my books. And I love to hear from readers, so please contact me at anytime. 
Check out the first chapter
of Enchanted Souls here.
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Frayed Fairy Tales

by the Ferocious Five

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An exciting new collection of novels from multiple authors, including me and Jennifer Malone Wright, MirandaHardy, Carly Fall,  Elizabeth Kirke, M.H. Soars, Elise Marion, Rose Shababy, 

Casse NaRome, Amy Richie, Sharon Stevenson, and P.T. Macias

Click here to find out about my title, Enchanted Souls.


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Ferocious Five Titles

TALA Prophecy


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